Fitness requires a lifestyle change. There are no shortcuts.

A lifestyle change requires commitment, but we understand life can get in the way. Fitnotix is designed to work around real life, without sacrificing habit-forming practices.

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Lifestyle: The way one lives based off their attitudes, habits, and values.

Have the Right Attitude

Taking the first step. This part is up to you.

Forming Habits to Keep You Going

Doing something so much, it becomes hard to quit. Every feature of Fitnotix was designed to promote habit-forming practices.

Finding Your Values

Why you do what you do. We’ll encourage you to Discover Your Moment. That moment when you achieve your fitness goals. We’ll remind you of that moment every day.

Features you need.
A habit you’ll love.

  • Flexible Workouts

    Quitting disrupts habits. Fitnotix allows you to workout like you want, to prevent you from quitting. Don’t worry; we’ll give you a map.

  • Guided Workouts

    We want you to focus on your workout, not worrying about what to do. Get audio from a Fitnotix trainer, guiding you through your workout.

  • Easily Prepare Healthy Meals (COMING SOON)

    Eating right is a large part of a lifestyle change. Fitnotix includes several cooking videos to teach you how to cook healthy, delicious meals.

  • FitLove

    Staying motivated is an important part of your lifestyle change. Hear real time motivation from your friends during your workout.

  • Detached Workouts at Home

    Can’t make it to the gym? Try a detached workout. Another way Fitnotix promotes uninterrupted habit-forming practices.

  • Record a Daily Journal

    Staying focused on your personal values is a requirement for a lifestyle change. The Fitnotix DayFile helps you journal about your day, your values, and reflect on your progress.

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